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Accessible Public Transport
Transportation Assistance Program (TAP)

Individuals with disabilities struggle to access their communities due to a lack of transportation. This barrier hinders independence, health, mental well-being and more, causing disparity among the disabled population. 

We want to help! 

BIANK has created a program to assist with accessing and supplementing the cost of reliable transportation within the NKY community. 

NKY Specialized Transportation 

The Regional Area Mobility Program (RAMP) is a door-to-door paratransit service available to disabled citizens who are unable to use TANK’s fixed route bus service. RAMP serves the areas of Boone, Campbell, and Kenton counties in Northern Kentucky, which are also served by TANK’s fixed route system. Large print and or recorded schedules are available upon request from RAMP.

RAMP provides safe and accessible door-to-door service, regulated and state-operated, evening and weekend operation hours, unrestricted destinations, open use.


Some of the benefits of RAMP include: 



If you are a brain injury survivor within the RAMP service area, and unable to provide your own transportation, BIANK Transportation Assistance Program (TAP) can assist in the following ways:

  • We can help you fill out the RAMP application.   

  • We can reimburse the cost to visit the doctor for evaluation and the TANK office for assessment for those who qualify (up to $50/person). 

  • We can provide RAMP tickets to those who apply (up to $50/person per month). 



To apply for RAMP transportation:

1. Check to make sure you are in the service area. To see the map of zoned areas, click HERE. If you are unsure if your origin or destination is inside the strict ADA area, please contact the RAMP office at 859-814-2135.  Staff will be able to determine if your address is inside the strict ADA area or not.

2. Request the RAMP Application by calling 859-814-2135 or click HERE.

3. Have the Medical Verification filled out by your Doctor (required).

4. Call to set up assessment at the RAMP office upon completing steps 1 and 2.  

**BIANK will reimburse the cost of transportation to the doctor for the required evaluation or to TANK Headquarters in Covington for the assessment. To request reimbursement, click here. 

You're all set! You can begin reserving your rides by calling the reservation line at 859-814-2135. This special services office will assist you in reserving your rides, planning your trip, understanding fares, passenger assistance, cancellations, transfers and other policies you need to know in order to use RAMP.


NOTE: We suggest calling to reserve rides ONE week in advance, as early as 8:30 am, before the schedule fills up.  


For BIANK assistance with cost of ride tickets, click HERE.  

Return completed form to:

A BIANK committee will review requests and make contact with applicants to discuss approval and details. 


How BIANK can help:

First, you need to apply:

Once approved for RAMP services...





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