Our Mission

To serve those affected by brain injury

through Advocacy, Education, Prevention, Service, and Support. 





In furtherance of this mission, the Alliance has adopted the following goals:

(a) To promote the creation of and to support those activities which are consistent
with the goals and mission of the Alliance;
(b) To promote the welfare, rights and dignity of individuals experiencing
disability caused by acquired brain injury;
(c) To increase public, family, professional and survivor awareness of the
incidence and the consequence of brain injury;
(d) To serve as an information and resource center for survivors of brain injury,
their families and friends, and providers and professionals in the field of brain injury
treatment and rehabilitation;
(e) To provide a network of support for persons with brain injury, their family
and friends;
(f) To foster and assist in the establishment of programs and services for persons
with brain injury;
(g) To support the development of standards of quality care and ethical practices
in the field of brain injury;
(h) To advocate for public policy which recognizes and addresses the problems of
persons with brain injury, their families and care providers;
(i) To create and support activities and legislation aimed at prevention of brain
U) To promote and foster the empowerment of persons with brain injury