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Conference Agenda


Target Audience:  Healthcare professionals, brain and stroke injured survivors, their families, military/veterans, educators, and students


Conference Course Description: 

The 2024 NKY Brain Injury Conference will bring multi-disciplinary professionals together to share their expertise and new concepts in the field of Brain Injury, with the theme of “Rebuilding the Mind to Restore Hope.”  This unique conference will offer a multi-track agenda, focusing on topics related to neuroplasticity in brain disorders, community reintegration, visual perception screening and interventions, adaptive sports and recreation in our community, functional cognition, internet safety and more.  Participants will learn about current research, community resources, share hope for recovery and exchange best practices.    Brain injury and stroke survivors will receive informational, emotional, and practical support to help adapt and cope with the change they have experienced in their lives. 


Learning Objectives

  1. Implement evidence-based exercises in stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and brain injury rehabilitation to optimize patient recovery. (Domain: Cognitive; Category: Applying)

  2. Describe the benefits of contextualized therapy practices and know when to implement contextualized-based therapy practices across different settings for TBI patients. (Domain: Cognitive; Category: Analyzing)

  3. Identify evidence-based interventions to improve functional vision/visual perception in preparation for occupational performance and participation.  (Domain: Cognitive; Category: Applying)

  4. Recognize therapeutic treatment options to aide in promoting functional independence and improved quality of life post stroke/brain injury to apply these treatments to their clinical care or in use of their recovery story.  (Domain: Cognitive; Category: Creating)

  5. Recognize wellness as a critical component of health after brain injury and describe resources for local community opportunities to connect individuals to adaptive sports and recreation.  (Domain: Cognitive; Category: Remembering)

  6. Describe and apply functional cognition principles, key concepts, and strategies for optimizing cognitive functioning for performance as it relates to daily activities.   (Domain: Cognitive; Category: Applying)


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