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Brain Injury Survivor Wallet Card

BI Survivor Card PIC.png

A person with a brain injury can carry this wallet card to help avoid misunderstandings with First Responders, including law enforcement and EMS. 


The card includes contact information, common symptoms of brain injury and emergency contact information.



Instructions to print a card:

1. Click Here to open or download the card in PDF.


2. Either type in your information or print it out and write in your information. *Note: PDF is not fillable on mobile devices


3.Use the following printer settings (if available) to make a wallet card in business card size: 

  • Select "Actual Size" under Scale options 

  • Select 2-sided to print front to back

4. Circle your symptoms on the list provided or write in on additional line. 

5. Trim along the edges. The card may be laminated to make it sturdier. 


If you are unable to print this card, please contact us. We would be happy to print and mail to you. 


*Brain Injury Alliance NKY provides no verification of head injury for purpose of generating a survivor wallet card. This card is informational and intended as a public service.

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