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Available Jobs

Conference Coordinator

Plan the annual NKY Brain Injury Conference with the support of the conference committee and the Outreach Coordinator. This individual will put out a call for papers to local universities and medical centers and review the papers to select speakers. They will be in charge of the following but may delegate: coordinating with speakers and sponsors, building a program, securing a location, applying for CEUs, and making sure the conference runs smoothly. We are looking for academics with some experience working with academic conferences. 

Care Coordinator

The Care Coordinator listens to and provides virtual support for brain injury survivors and caregivers in 1-on-1 sessions. The coordinator works with the survivor or caregiver to find an available time to meet. These sessions are not therapy sessions or a place to provide medical advice. The Care Coordinator would also be considered for backup support group leader if other leaders are unavailable. We are looking for an empathetic professional with training and a history in similar roles. Expected volunteer time:0-5 hours/monthly

Director of Marketing

The Director of Marketing expands our reach in the community so that we are able to provide our services to a greater number of people. The Director of Marketing will work closely with the Business Development Committee by supporting fundraisers with marketing plans. They will also meet with local hospitals and other organizations to ensure the community is aware of our organization and what we offer. We are looking for a trained professional with good communication skills who can work independently.

Expected volunteer time: 4-10hours/monthly

Grants Manager

The Grants Manager will help manage and apply for grants.

Expected volunteer time: 4-10hours/monthly

Program Director

The Program Director will manage our programs for brain injury survivors such as the monetary, grocery delivery, and transportation assistance programs. They will help facilitate new programs and work closely with the Outreach Committee.

Expected volunteer time: 4-10hours/monthly

Join a Committee

  • Business Development Committee

  • Conference Planning Committee

  • Bridges Support Group Committee 

  • Outreach Committee 

  • Brain Walk and Roll Committee

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