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How can we help?


An individual with a brain injury, family member, caregiver, or professional may simply need names and connections to resources in their local area. In time of crisis and confusion, a survivor and family may need specific guidance and support to identify needs during recovery and the appropriate services and programs. Self–advocacy skills are also established as individuals with brain injuries and family members move toward their goals. 

The resources BIANK may provide include:

  • Names, numbers, and process guidance for state agencies and specialists within the brain injury community.

  • Information on the Kentucky Acquired Brain Injury Waiver, a Medicaid home and community-based services program, including how to access services and assistance with problems/concerns.

  • Individual Advocacy: BIANK will coach individuals and families on how to advocate for themselves during next steps. When that is not possible, we can advocate more directly.

  • Assessment and guidance to make performing activities of daily living, returning to work, school and the community possible.

  • Information about the support groups that BIANK offers, along with other social activities, projects and peer opportunities.

  • Resource Journal and packet of information in an easily understandable format.

And most important, navigating life’s challenges after a brain injury, listening, caring, and offering support along the way.

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