Colleen Gribbon

Colleen is a single mother of five special needs children.  Her children have a variety of diagnoses/disabilities including but not limited to traumatic brain injury, seizure disorders, autism, diabetes, cardiac conditions, genetic syndromes, cerebral palsy, lung disease and a whole host of psychiatric and mental health diagnoses.  She works closely with other parents to offer support and advocacy with the goal of giving them the tools and resources needed to successfully meet the medical, psychological and rehabilitative needs of their children.  Her main area of focus is the awareness and prevention of childhood TBI.  She is also an occupational therapist who currently is working in the home care setting.  Colleen has also worked as a special educator for the hearing impaired, sign language interpreter, and case manager for the hearing impaired population.  She was the recipient of the Clara B. Hughes Caregiver Award in 2009 and the recipient of the Lisa Combs Horizon Award in 2015.