NKY Brain Injury Conference Awards

Starting in 2009, BRIDGES, Inc. began presenting three different awards at the NKY Brain Injury Conference in recognition of an outstanding professional (Lisa Combs Horizon Award), brain injured survivor (Benevolence Award) and a caregiver (Clara B. Hughes Caregiver Award).

In 2019, a fourth recognition was awarded (Ambassador Award) to uplift a survivor and promote his/her challenges and successes so the community can put a face to brain injury. 

Criteria and past recipients of the awards are as follows:

Ambassador Award

This is a Brain Injured or Stroke Survivor who is recognized for providing advocacy and awareness. The Ambassador demonstrates a positive attitude and actively participates in Bridges events as a survivor spokesperson.

Past Recipients:

Curt Dorsel (2019)


Curt Dosal awarded.png

Lisa Combs Horizon Award

Professional, paraprofessional, clinician, and/or organization who has excelled within their standards of practice within their work or community environment and went above and beyond expectations for the education, support and/or advocacy of brain injury survivors or caregivers.



Past Recipients:

Carlee Clark (2019)
Jennifer Jones (2018)
Melissa Fisher and HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital NKY (2017)
Amy Daniel (2016)
Colleen Gribben (2015)
Bob Stark (2014)
Mindy Ortlieb (2013)
Judy Rouse  (2012)
Jessica Embry & Julie Fronk (2011)
Roger Braden (2010)
Lisa Combs (2009)
Founder of BRIDGES; retired in 2014;
award renamed in her honor

Benevolence Award

Brain Injured or Stroke Survivor who has shown perseverance in their own recovery. This person demonstrates a positive attitude and also aided other survivors in their recovery through education, support and/or advocacy.










Past Recipients:

Tim LaMarre and Peter Steciow (2019)
Christian Hamilton and Paul Zalla (2018)
Curt Dorsel (2017)
Callie Daniel (2016)
Brad Fritz and Nichole Ortlieb (2015)
Todd Franzen (2014)
Sam Christman (2013)
Tracey Truby (2012)
Tommy Perry (2011)
Tava Schutter (2010)
Lisa Wilson (2009)
(and Will, Lisa’s Service Dog)

Clara B. Hughes Caregiver Award

Caregiver who has shown devotion and dedication, not only to their beloved brain injured or stroke survivor, but also to other survivors and caregivers by performing unselfish acts of kindness while encouraging the education, support, and/or advocacy of the survivor.



Past Recipients:

Brandon Hurst and Shrock Family (2019)
Tracy Dorsel (2018)
Carlee Clark (2017)
Chris Christman and Lisa Wade (2016)
Russo Family (2015)
Amy Daniel (2014)
Bernard Family (2013)
Amy Christman (2012)
Joyce Ortlieb (2011)
Mike Schutter (2010)
Colleen Gribben (2009)